Ballina Argëtim Xiaxue në Zvicër, na njeh me Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort Lake Lucerne...

Xiaxue në Zvicër, na njeh me Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort Lake Lucerne (VIDEO)

Cheng Yan Yan Wendy (e lindur më 28 prill 1984), e njohur më mirë me pseudonimin e saj Xiaxue, është një blogere nga Singapori dhe personalitet i televizionit online, që shkruan në lidhje me jetën, modën dhe çështjet lokale në një stil provokues.

Here’s a video of the most amazing swimming pool in the world 😍❄️ Apparently it was very rare for snow in March so we were very lucky to catch it! Our hair got frozen solid! ☃️Switzerland is just too breath-taking… also, I still don’t understand why if I take my hands out of the water they become so cold but my head was above water the entire time and it felt fine??? Why can’t my stupid body just extend this cold-withstanding power to the rest of my body instead of just my head? Then I don’t need to bundle up like a giant pillow? Also, is how my head feels how a duck feels swimming in the cold lake in Switzerland? How is it that I see pigeons in frozen Switzerland and also in furnace Singapore and they are perfectly happy in both weather conditions wearing the same set of feathers? Wooo this is why we stuff goose down in our winter jackets…. why is the human body so bare and useless lame 😒 Questions questions #xiaxuexsunrise @sunrisegreece

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Ditari i saj kryesor, i cili tërheq rreth 50,000 lexues çdo ditë, ka fituar çmime prestigjioze …Ajo është e martuar me inxhinierin amerikan Mike Sayre dhe ata kanë një fëmijë.

Këto ditë po qëndron me pushime në Zvicër dhe ka publikuar foto dhe video nga Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort Lake Lucerne/TetovaNews