Ballina International Rama congratulates Albanians on New Year in a video message, disclosing the...

Rama congratulates Albanians on New Year in a video message, disclosing the things that await Albania in 2020 (VIDEO)

Through a video message, Prime Minister Edi Rama congratulated Albanians on New Year, while talking about the things that await Albania in 2020.

He has outlined government plans for 2020 ranging from post-earthquake reconstruction to the November 26 earthquake, from major legal changes, from investments in the oil sector to administration reforms.

According to the Prime Minister, 2020 will be the year of the rule of law and a new era of public services.

The head of government said that within the new year 2021 no citizen will be allowed to spend the new year in the tent, but everyone will be transferred to  new homes.

“The objective is that by 2020, all those who live in the village, who for legitimate reasons have not moved to urban areas, have simply requested a tent should move into their new home. We will not let anyone spend the new year 2021 in the tent, this is the first objective. I believe that we will be ready, in early spring, maximally March, to relocate families living in the countryside from tents to new homes. Hospitals, schools need to be repaired within a few months.

The year 2020 should be the year of exemplary healing of earthquake wounds. By the end of 2021 those wounds must have turned into examples of Albanian strength, faith, hope in the future.

By the first half of 2020, all new neighborhood construction sites should have been erected in the affected cities.

Schools, kindergartens, hospitals should be rebuilt until next September. In the new school season 2020-2021, children in dilapidated schools should start studying in new schools, with far better conditions  than before the earthquake.

At the end of his 40-minute speech via a video message, Prime Minister Rama wished all Albanians wherever they are a happy and prosperous year. /Klara Ruci/